Projection Models

Configure FACT to provide precise financial projections, custom models and forecasting scenarios.

FACT generates complex forecasts, assessing the impact of potential events, or strategic options, on a customer’s financial condition. Analysts use these to analyze counterparty risk profiles more accurately, helping to make better-informed credit decisions.

FACT facilitates quick and efficient design of models that are able to account for numerous contingencies. These forecasting models use various assumptions such as Growth of Sales, Leverage Ratio, and Profitability Ratios Rate in different scenarios, for example base case, best case and worst case.

You can project a full set of accounts quarterly, annually or at a frequency of your choice using any data source. Rating and pricing models can also be projected for the same time periods. Configure spreading templates (balance sheet, profit/loss statements, ratios and cash flows) to any format for different industries and accounting practices.

Projection Models Forecasting

Projection Models Forecasting

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