About Spreading and Financial Analysis

FACT’s spreading and financial analysis tool securely collects, analyses and stores information in a central database

You can manually input your data or set up a feed from any internal or external data source into FACT. Once in FACT you can use and configure an unlimited number of spreading templates, make projections using a variety of simulations and carry out peer group analysis.


  • Access all your financial information from one central location

  • Personalise the design and layout of your financial statements with the FACT report designer

  • Display multiple accounting formats, such as IFRS and Local GAAP

  • Switch easily between currencies

  • Incorporate internal checks and balance checks e.g. “Sheet not balanced”

  • Track changes including details of the change and author

  • Centralise all your analyses – no need for separate spreadsheets or internal systems

Key features

Templates and ratios – You can create an unlimited number of spreading templates using data from any financial data source. FACT automatically runs calculations in the background such as standard ratios, liquidity ratios and user specified checks. Simple formulae can be used in the spreading template, cells can be added, copied, over-typed and comments attached, providing you with the flexibility to make amendments.

Financial analysis – Analyse financials quarterly, annually or at a frequency of your choice, using any data source. Configure spreading templates (balance sheet, profit/loss statements, ratios and cash flows) to any format for different industries and accounting practices.

Projections – Make projections for any number of years ahead with different simulations, for example best case, base case and worst case scenarios. These projections and scenarios can be used to determine future credit terms or ratings.

User defined covenants – Create your own financial items and ratios to use as covenants. You can also monitor the evolution and breaches of these covenants.

Peer group analysis – Sense check your counterparties against competitors’ and similar companies’ in the same market or industry. Create your own groups to include any number of relevant companies. Your results, along with your chosen peers, will be displayed as bar, pie and spider charts. Pre-set groups organised by sector are also available from company databases published by BvD such as Orbis.

Local versions – Most widely-spoken languages are supported including French, German, Spanish, Russian, simplified Chinese and Japanese.


Item Properties Manager

Item Properties Manager

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