Credit Processes

FACT’s workflow module supports all credit processes that involve sending a proposed rating, credit limit or application to the next level of authority.

You can start a workflow directly from a rating report or a credit application. Based on the state model, workflows assign tasks and send e-mail alerts. Approvers view an overview of the workflow process in their task list and then choose to approve, reject, or reassign the proposed rating or limit.

FACT Workflow DiagramFACT Workflow Diagram

FACT’s workflow manager allows a fast and efficient flow of information, from a proposed rating to the approval of credit applications. Utilising a workflow system helps standardise and enforce your internal credit policies. FACT centralises all your credit data and manages user access.



  • Produce detailed rating and credit application approval processes
  • Personalise the design and layout of your credit templates and tailor them to your needs with the purpose-built report designer
  • Centralise your solutions, so no need for separate word documents or internal systems
  • Store all your credit data in a secure location
  • Monitor changes to information including details of the change and author

Key Features

Supported workflows – FACT supports a variety of workflows ranging from the rating approval of various types of obligors, to the approval of complex credit transactions.

Approval of financial data and counterparty rating – Data from financial spreading and analysis is used to generate proposed ratings which are then approved in the workflow process. Historical ratings are securely stored as PDF files and can be retrieved along with the data used to calculate them at any time.

Approval of facility rating and credit limits – You specify the facility at the start of the credit application process, then add the client’s collateral and send the application to various levels of management for authorisation. At each stage the application is either accepted, rejected or re-routed to another stakeholder. You can use alerts to automatically notify stakeholders.  You can set up alerts to be triggered by certain event triggers or anomalies. Each user can organise and track applications using their own task list, outlining all applications and their current status.

Configurable – FACT can configure different types of workflows, handling approval authorities, outputs and business rules. You can automate the approval of low risk transactions.

Integrated – Integrate any data sources, files or systems and use as criteria for the approval process.

Automated alerts and reminders – You can automate frequent, standard processes with specific rules governing the flow of data around your organisation. Automatically notify users when reviews of ratings and facilities are overdue or when covenants are breached.

Document management and audit trail – All completed stages of the credit process are automatically archived and securely stored. A snapshot of the stage, the results and corresponding data are saved as a PDF file. Use this to satisfy auditing and compliance requirements.

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