Integration Toolkit

The integration toolkit facilitates the migration of models, scripts and other settings between different instances of FACT, as well as facilitating communication between FACT and third-party applications.

Back Office Manager

FACT’s framework has a dynamic compilation engine with customisable C# scripts providing a sustainable deployment and migration process. The Back Office Manager is a separate Windows Client Application providing advanced administration features:

  • Migrate models, scripts and other settings between different instances of FACT. For example using migration packages that can be re-executed multiple times on specific instances, facilitating the management of model releases.

  • Batch calculation of risk models for a selection of companies or facilities

  • Generate alerts to appear in user task lists or e-mails when a predefined event is triggered.

  • Schedule exports and alerts by setting the back office manager as a windows service in the servers administration panel.

  • Create custom data retention processes to migrate data from the production database to a data warehouse as a backup.

XML WebService

Configure FACT to use XML WebServices, allowing existing programs written in different languages on different platforms to communicate with FACT.

Use XML WebService technology to:

  • Provide or set custom data field values

  • Send financial drivers to rating models available through an XML WebService

  • Launch a model in FACT to make calculations and then send the results

  • Perform a custom authentication process.

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