Development Toolkit

The development toolkit provides an interface for the customisation of business objects, data fields, sections, reports, lists, workflows and processes.

Flexible data model designer
Define your own data landscape in FACT by creating an unlimited number of custom business objects. Business objects can represent any business notion; such as corporates, borrowers, obligors, countries and facilities.

Centralised metadata repository
FACT stores information relating to each type of custom business object in a centralised metadata repository. You can create, modify and delete an unlimited number of custom data fields using the designer interface.

Sample of business objects and their relationships

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Tailored solution
Easily create and modify the look, feel and behaviour of FACT on-the-fly. Extend or adjust FACT to meet your ongoing requirements and adhere to your business processes.

Handles simple and complex relationships
You can specify dimension (1-N, 1-1) and direction (inverse or not). Use relations in conjunction with the API and script editor to build advanced rules, such as those based on hierarchy trees.

Support for simple to complex data needs
FACT supports up to 10,000 custom fields per business concept. Fields can be populated with user-entered data, data from a feed, a combination of other fields, or the results of complex formula implemented in a C# script. FACT supports alphanumeric, financial and Boolean data types.

Integrates with existing in-house and third-party systems
FACT’s custom data fields can be easily linked to propriety systems developed in-house or to third-party data feeds. FACT’s flexibility means it can act as a central hub in your end-to-end credit process.

Report and model designer
Create custom reports and models with FACT’s visual design interface. Save time and reduce errors by creating pre-defined pick lists. For example, store a single list of industry codes (SIC, NAICs, etc.) along with their descriptions for use in dropdown lists.

Design interface
Design forms, reports and lists by dragging and dropping components to arrange them as you wish. Maintain consistency and save time by creating a section to store components which can be re-used throughout the application. Easily add custom sections to reports or models with the click of a button.

Display reports and models in a variety of languages using FACT’s multi-language interface. Set default languages for users with the administration toolkit.

C# Scripts and API
FACT’s C# scripts and API offer precise control over your business processes bridging the gap between standard features and custom behaviours. The script editor offers a range of customisable functions using the object-oriented programming language C# 2.0.

Benefits of FACT custom code:

  • Flexibility to dynamically recompile part of the FACT application increases the customisation potential. FACT has its own code editor and compilation interface to manage code changes remotely.

  • Friendly coding environment, means FACT can be opened in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), such as Microsoft Visual Studio. This allows you to use all the IDE’s tools, such as the embedded compiler, Microsoft Intellisense® and Code Snippets.

  • High performance, type-safe development, the .NET framework is a highly effective compiled language and managed environment. The C# .NET 2.0 framework provides a safe set of types and collections that can be used with any type of data.

Report and Model Designer

Report and model designer

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