Administration Toolkit

The administration toolkit provides FACT’s powerful maintenance module which manages custom user roles and grants portfolio access.

Roles and Rights

Administrators can assign roles to individual users or groups of users. Rights are determined by portfolios, reports, models and workflows within FACT.

For example, using the six different types of business objects below:

  • Bank
  • Country
  • Corporate
  • Credit application
  • Credit collateral
  • Person

Administrators set which of these business objects users can view or edit via a centralized security page. How these security rights are defined can be split into two areas:

1. Roles

Create specific roles allowing access to certain pages or parts of the workflow process. For example, a Credit Analyst may only have access to part of the workflow process. A Credit Manager would then be given workflow rights and complete the workflow process.

2. Users

Assign one or more roles, pre-defined departments and language settings to individual users. Administrators can alter these rights at any time. For example, a Temporary Credit Manager is given access while a Senior Credit Manager is away.

The locks feature allows any object to be assigned exclusive write access for one user while allowing another has read only access.

Multi-Language GUI

FACT supports multiple languages without the need to reinstall the application; any label displayed can be translated into the user’s chosen language. Assign one of the predefined languages to each user profile using the administration panel.

Translations generally apply to two types of labels:

  • Application labels for buttons, generic fields and menus, which are initially defined by BvD.
  • Report and user labels for client-specific items, fields, descriptions and lists of text options. Dynamically set these labels and maintain them from the administration panel.

Multi-language GUI

Multi-language GUI English

Multi-language GUI French

Roles Management

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