Configuration and Customisation

Customisation is carried out by the FACT team’s developers to tailor the solution to your needs. Configuration is the utilisation of the three FACT toolkits provided.

FACT has an open architecture so you can configure the solution to your needs, choosing from:

  • Financial spreading and analysis

  • Standalone credit rating

  • Credit workflow and loan origination

  • Complete credit risk management solution

The Developer, Integration and Administration toolkits provide you with a huge range of tools and the flexibility to tailor almost any part of FACT to your needs.

You can easily create your own screen layouts or reports using the Report Designer to drag and drop information including items from FACT’s data dictionary, images, diagrams and any qualitative data. You can distribute them in common formats such as Word and PDF. This flexibility allows FACT to stay fully up to date, changing and developing with your business needs. Depending on your resources this can all be done in-house using the tools provided or by the FACT developement team.

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