Our Expertise

We have extensive experience in producing bespoke credit risk management solutions. We can tailor FACT to your requirements and for all levels of complexity. FACT can work in environments with a large internal IT resource or no internal support at all. Our expert teams will oversee the project management and configuration of your solution.

  • Manage and run all your risk models in a single platform

  • Align your credit processes, capture financial data, set limits and credit approval to your requirements
  • Integrate internal and external data sources and models

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Bureau van Dijk

Our strength is in combining data sources and creating links between them. These are some of our areas of expertise:

Private companies

We have detailed information on listed companies, but our private company coverage is unrivalled. Over 99% of the companies we have information for are privately owned. We have regional and national coverage.

Listed companies

We have information on over 65,000 listed and major unlisted and delisted companies worldwide.

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