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FACT’s workflow module supports all processes that involve sending a proposed rating, credit limit or application to the next level of authority
FACT can store a library of internal borrower and facility rating models of varying complexity
FACT’s spreading and financial analysis module securely collects, analyses and stores information in a central database
The development toolkit is for customising business objects, data fields, reports, risk models, workflows and processes.
The integration toolkit enables FACT to communicate with third party applications, models and data sources.
General FACT product brochure
Spanish translation of the FACT product brochure
McKinsey’s proprietary approach to calculating credit economic capital/VaR
Analyse any type of company of any size and ownership structure, specialised lending, financial institutions and public finance exposures, in any geography or sector
Leverage a state-of-the-art methodology to evaluate credit strength of corporations in your FACT solution
The EIU Country Risk Model assesses sovereign debt, currency and banking and political and economic structure risks.
Zanders Eagle global corporate rating model

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